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Vol. 15    2012-2013

 “Blue Devils” and “Common Harlots”: Occupied Women’s Defiance Toward Union Soldiers in Civil War Louisiana
Courtney Dupre

Napoleon’s Chost: Napoleonic Memory and Popular Culture in Early America
Mark Ehlers

British Women and Descriptions of Purdah in the Early-Nineteenth Century
Katherine Blank

Women in a Warzone: Participation, Conflict, and Policy during World War II
Angela Farizo

Anti-Italian Sentiment in New Orleans in 1890: The David C. Hennessy Murder, Trial, and Lynchings
Natalie Tuminello

The Battle of the Atlantic: A Battle of Logistics and Planning
Robert Primeaux

Treatment of Confederate Prisoners at Camp Duglas
Mary Wallace

The Positive Effects of Belief in the Supernatural among the Christians of the First Crusade
Mitchel Prudhomme


Vol. 14     2011-2012



White but not Quite: The Conditionality of Jewish Racial Identity in New Orleans
Seth Henderson

The Poetry is in the Pity: British War Poets of the First World War
Michael Smith

The Shamelessness of the Vicious Classes: The Storyville Prostitutes Struggle for Survival
Jamie Jeske

Committed Women, but Moderate Activists: The Lafayette AAUW and the Campaign for ERA Ratification in Louisiana
Daniel Manuel

The Equal Rights Amendment, Minority Women, and Sexual Preference at the National Women’s Conference in 1977
Brook Granger

Children of Hull House
Tiffany Segura

The Great Divide: The Methodist Split over Slavery
Debbi Logan



Vol. 12            2009-2010

Middle Class Struggle and Achievement During the 1846 Repeal of the British Corn Laws
Nicholas Rebouche

The Vietnam War and Domestc Conflict: A Study of Tulane University and the Hullaballoo
Jeff Blue

Legislation, Louisiana, and Children: How Huey Long Aided Primary and Secondary Schools During the Great Depression
Sarah Jane Senette

The Equal Rights Amendment, Ollie Tucker Osborne, and Louisiana Women
Mary Anne McDougall

Enlisted Women During World War II: WAVES, WAACS, and WASPS
Sarah E. Henagan

Thomas Jefferson’s Native American Policy: Romanticism or Reality?
Benjamin Trant


Vol. 11         2008-2009

The Philosopher-King: Alfred the Great’s Educational Policy and Unifying Themes in his Writings
Jeannique Anne Darby

From Life to Legend: Salah Al-Din and his Legacy
Jason Straight

Moctezuma and Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl: How the Fateful Encounter between Spaniards and Aztecs Revived the Myth of the Deified Toltec Hero
David Cabrera

Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe of Lower Lafourche Basin
Elizabeth Ellis

Is Marxism Necessarily Atheist?
William P. Shultz

July 30, 1866: A New Orleans Riot and Media Sensationalism
Theogene Melancon

Paper, Pride, and Prejudice: The Bogalusa Civil Rights Movement
Ona R. Powell