Current Issue, Vol 20

Table of Contents

Obstruction: African-American Golfers and Southern Resistance in the Twilight of Jim Crow by Chad Duffaut

Visual Perceptions of Authority: Did Clothes Really Make the Man in the Sixteenth-Century Medical Marketplace? by Erin Halloran

Native Women’s Power and the Men Who Took It by Brentney Harrison

Championing the Progress and Prospects of Texas: William Kennedy’s Role in Anglo-Texan Diplomacy, 1841-1845 by Haley Hewitt

The Empire of the Rising Sun Sets on the British Empire by Kassandra McAllister

The Third Earl of Pembroke: A Study in early Jacobean politics by Jessica A. Payne

Flowers on the Wall: Women in the American West, 1880-1920 by Abigail Grace Scott

From the Kingdom of Kongo to Congo Square- review by Maggy Case

 The Art of Relevance- review by Abbie Deville

The Jim Crow Routine- review by David Chase Stephens